• Book design and production

    Churchill-Nash offers full design and production services for all your self-publishing projects, large or small. Since 1997 we have worked with publishers and authors to create beautiful and readable hard and soft cover books — text heavy novels, poetry collections, plus local and company histories, memoirs, and art portfolio books to name a few.

  • Specialties

    Custom typography

    We take pride in setting beautiful, unique titles and chapter heads. Body copy is treated with just as much care, from selecting the perfect typefaces to custom letter and line spacing to insure readability.


    Photography processing

    Special care is taken in color correction of your photographs plus proper preparation of files for the best print outcome. Retouching from simple removal of objects to more complicated work and artistic custom digital manipulation (not just canned filters!) to best represent your vision.



    Art in various traditional and digital mediums for both cover and interior spot illustrations that will bring your project to life!


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